Delivery Information

Delivery Information

1. You can pay  İş Bankası İzmir Şubesi Iban: TR31 0006 4000 0013 4003 1946 88  to our bank account (TL) via Bank Transfer or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).

2. You can take advantage of online single payment or online installment with your credit cards on our site which is available for all kinds of credit cards. Your online payment will be charged to your credit card at the end of your order.

3. Payment at the door
The payment service at the door is a payment option provided by the shipping company. For this service, the cargo company will charge a fee which will vary according to the product price. This service fee belongs to the shipping company and cannot be returned if the product is returned.

Products that have been personalized on the purchased product cannot be returned. In the event of the acceptance of the return on the seller's discretion, the product cost, advertising expenses, carrier company expenses (transportation fee, payment commission at the door etc.) are deducted from the amount to be refunded and the remaining amount is returned to the buyer.

If you don't want to pay an extra fee while buying your product, you can make a safe payment with no extra service charge by choosing the option of secure payment with credit card.
4. Leather products that are being sold can be preferred with alternatives such as especially cowhide leather, sheepskin, buffalo leather, etc. according to the situation. The colors of the leather products whose photos are exhibited may be slightly different according to the conditions of the environment in which the animal is fed and grown or according to the variables/production factors during the production, or according to the display settings of the device where the product photos are viewed. If the buyer makes a purchase, he/she accepts these differences. In addition, the leather is used in the factory coloration process. The seller shall not be held liable for damages that may arise from such reasons if the leather color of the product gets through the products within it or the products where the user put during transportation or storage.

All the delivery costs are under the responsibility of the buyer. If the seller declares in its website that the seller will cover the delivery costs if the buyer reaches or exceeds the limit amount of shopping (the amount must be declared by the seller in the website), then the delivery costs of the shopping over the mentioned amount will be covered by the seller as promised. Delivery; delivery is made right after the stock is available and the payment of the product is transferred to the account of the seller. The seller delivers the product in 30 (Thirty) days and in these period the seller keeps the right for 10 (Ten) days of extra time by notifying in a written form. If the product/service costs is not paid by any reason or it is cancelled in bank records, the seller will not be responsible for the delivery of he product/service. 

6. Tracking The Payment
If the system can not proceed a process the visitor will be informed about this situation.

In case of having a problem in the delivery address, the seller contacts with the person giving the order about this delivery problem.

The validation of the e-mail address given by our visitor is checked by an automatic e-mail
sent after the order.

As much we have responsibilities for product delivery to the client, we are also responsible to the bank of which credit cards system we are using.
Please be careful!
The packages that you think it might be damaged, check in front of the delivery staff. If you think it has any damage on it, please make the delivery staff to write a report for it and do not receive the product.

After the delivery of the product, the delivery company is regarded as it has finished its work successfully.

If the product is damaged: Send the report that you prepared to the e-mail address  as soon as possible.

We will ensure that the delivery will be repeated as soon as possible if you complete these mentioned steps.

If you explain why you return this product in that e-mail it will be very helpful for us.